iPhone 5s Screen Repair Affordable and Reliable Repair in Paisley Johnstone.

The iPhone 5s is a smartphone developed by Apple Inc. It is part of the iPhone line, and was released on September 20, 2013.  the iPhone 5s is a revised version of its predecessor, iPhone 5. If your iPhone 5s has a problem, get in touch with iRepairIt for a quick and reliable repair. We have a wide range of iPhone 5s repairs, this includes screen repairs, liquid damage repairs, charging port repairs and much more! Please see all repairs available listed below.


GLASS / LCD Smashed Glass / Touch Not Responding £30
BACK COVER Change Back Cover £40
HEAD PHONE JACK Problem With Sound Out Your Head Phones £25
POWER BUTTON Not Responding / Not Powering Up £25
VOLUME / MUTE KEYS Volume Not Going Up or Down / Mute button Problem £25
DOCK CONECTOR Not Charging / Does'nt Sync £25
BATTERY Battery Not Holding Charge / Not Powering Up £25
SPEAKER / MIC / EARPIECE Caller Cant Hear You / Cant Hear Caller / Sound Problem £25
HOME BUTTON Home Button Not Responding £15
UNLOCKING Unlock Your iPhone £--
WATER DAMAGE Please Call For More Information

Now that your iPhone 5S has aged a few years, you may notice that its battery doesn't work as well as it did when you first bought it. Rechargeable batteries naturally degrade over time. After several months or years of continuous use, it may take longer to recharge the battery or it may die on you in the middle of the day.

iRepairIt takes your iPhone 5S repairs seriously. Our technicians don't automatically assume that replacing an old battery will solve every problem. They've spent too much time learning about smartphones to assume every issue comes from the same source.

Swapping the old iPhone 5S battery for a new one should extend your talk and data time so you don't have to worrying about recharging throughout the day.

Unfortunately, there are other problems that could cause your phone's battery to drain faster than usual. A malfunctioning CPU, for instance, could draw more power than necessary. A virus could keep your phone active even when you think it's not being used. These and other problems can drain your battery while potentially causing security risks. In these cases, a simple iPhone 5S battery replacement won't fix the underlying problem.

If you live near our iRepairIt base, you can get your device diagnosed by our technicians. Just schedule an appointment and bring your phone to the store. In most cases, we can solve your problem by the end of the day. If it's really a problem with the battery, our technicians can usually fix it while you wait.

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