iPhone 6 Plus quality repairs in Paisley

The iPhone 6 Plus is a smartphone developed by Apple Inc. This device was released on 19 September 2014. If your iPhone 6 Plus has a problem, get in touch with iRepairIt for a quick and reliable repair. We have a wide range of iPhone 6 Plus repairs, this includes screen repairs, liquid damage repairs, charging port repairs and much more! Please see all repairs available listed below.


GLASS / LCD Smashed Glass / Touch Not Responding £45
BACK COVER Change Back Cover N/A
HEAD PHONE JACK Problem With Sound Out Your Head Phones £29
POWER BUTTON Not Responding / Not Powering Up £29
VOLUME / MUTE KEYS Volume Not Going Up or Down / Mute button Problem £29
DOCK CONNECTOR Not Charging / Does'nt Sync £30
BATTERY Battery Not Holding Charge / Not Powering Up £30
SPEAKER / MIC / EARPIECE Caller Cant Hear You / Cant Hear Caller / Sound Problem £29
HOME BUTTON Home Button Not Responding £15
UNLOCKING Call For More Info
WATER DAMAGE Please Call For More Information

The iPhone 6 Plus offers consumers a great mix of features and functionality in one device. Its most essential advantage is the fact that this product provides the beautiful design and robust construction that Apple is famous for, at a size that more and more consumers want. Many people love the idea of watching movies, playing games and absorbing other kinds of content on their mobile phones, and the iPhone 6 Plus is a great way to do all these and more.

While this device is an example of excellent engineering, it is still possible for it to get broken or to malfunction. For example, more users are finding themselves needing iPhone 6 Plus screen repair services. Someone might have accidentally had the phone fall out of a pocket onto the hard floor. Or someone's kid might have bashed at the screen with a heavy object. If you're looking for iPhone 6 Plus screen repair services, this is something that we here at iRepairIt can help you with.



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