iPhone Repairs

iPhone repairs at iRepairIt. Most Apple repairs are carried out same day and we aim to deliver your repaired device back to you in 24-48 hours. All repairs come with a 90 days Warranty. We also offer a No Fix, No Fee Service. Please call us on 0141 237 3820 for any questions.

iPhone Repairs

Apple makes a lot of great products, but even small accidents can cause screens to break, crack, or stop working. Some mobile devices have more problems than others. A lot of consumers feel like the iPad Air's screen, for instance, breaks far too easily, probably because Apple used a thinner screen to reduce weight.


Apple iPhone Repairs From iRepairIt Glasgow Paisley 

Luckily iRepairIt makes it easy and affordable for you to get screens fixed for your Apple devices. We repair all iPhone screens, iPad screens and all the latest iPod screens.

If you live near our store, you can make an appointment online and bring your iPhone, iPad or iPod in for repairs. Apple screen repairs can be brought in for our express repair service, which means our technicians can repair the screen within an hour.

It's possible, though rare, that our technicians won't have an affordable solution to your problem. When that happens, we send your mobile device back to you free of charge.

If your looking for an iPhone screen repair, currently, iRepairIt repair every iPhone screen ranging from the iPhone 4G to the iPhone 6s Plus.

If your iPad screen needs repairing, we repair an unrivalled range of iPad devices, which includes the earlier models such as the iPad 2 and iPad 3, right up to the newer iPad's such as the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 4.

If you have a smashed iPod screen, iRepairIt repair a large range of both iPod Touch and iPod Nano screens.


DIY Apple Screen Repairs

Some customers come to us after trying to fix their own broken screens. We do not recommend do-it-yourself fixes. When you try to fix your own Apple device such as your iPhone or iPad, you invalidate any warranty that you might have. That leaves you responsible for the full cost of replacement. You don't want that.

Since iRepairIt gives you a 90 days warranty, you don't have to worry about invalidating any warranties you already have. We trust our technicians to make smart repairs that work well. If something goes wrong, we're there to support you with a free repair or replacement part if needed.

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