The iPhone SE is a smartphone developed by Apple Inc. This device is part of the iPhone series, and was released on 31st March 2016. If you need an iPhone SE repair, get in touch with iRepairit Bellshill for a quick and reliable iPhone SE repair. We have a wide range of iPhone SE repairs, this includes iPhone SE screen repairs, liquid damage repairs, charging port repairs and much more! Please see all repairs available listed below.


GLASS / LCD Smashed Glass Touch Not Responding £25
BACK COVER change Back Cover £40
HEAD PHONE JACK Problem With Sound Out Your Head Phones £25
POWER BUTTON Not Responding / Not Powering Up £25
VOLUME / MUTE KEYS Volume Not Going Up or Down / Mute button Problem £25
DOCK CONECTOR Not Charging / Does'nt Sync £25
BATTERY Battery Not Holding Charge / Not Powering Up £30
SPEAKER / MIC / EARPIECE Caller Cant Hear You / Cant Hear Caller / Sound Problem £20
HOME BUTTON Home Button Not Responding £15
UNLOCKING Unlock Your iPhone -
WATER DAMAGE Please Call For More Information

About The iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is a smartphone designed by Apple and was unveiled released in September 2015

The iPhone SE is full of useful and deal breaker features which were a step up from the previous iPhone 5. 2GB of ram is double what the iPhone 5 had to offer, which means it will be significantly smoother and faster to use. Its latest M9 motion co-processor brings always-on “Hey Siri" function, alllowing you to quickly and easily find out information from Siri when you may be multi-tasking with your hands full. The iPhone SE's 12 megapixel camera has come straight from the 6S which was a massive jump from the 8 megapixels the 5 had to offer. With the iPhone SE coming in rose gold as a new colour, it's clear to see it has a lot to offer and shares many qualities with the iPhone 6s (just in a slightly smaller package).

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