iPhone 8 Repairs


If you have an iPhone 8 with a screen that is cracked, has a distorted image, no image, or is otherwise broken, then iRepairIT can help. If your iPhone has a battery issue, e.g. it’s not charging properly, or maybe the battery drains too quickly or your iPhone 8 Plus shuts down when it reaches 30% battery? We can fix that too.It doesn’t matter if your iPhone 8 is Silver, Black, Gold, Space Grey or Red, we can fix it for you. We know that your iPhone 8 is important to you, so most repairs are carried out within an hour whenever possible.



Quality of components.



Not all iPhone components are created equally. When we first started iPhone repairs, Apple would make genuine parts available for companies like ours to carry out repairs. But as they have moved more towards pushing people towards replacing damaged devices, rather than repairing them, they have restricted the availability of some genuine Apple parts. Due to our history of our iPhone repair service we have been able to build relationships with the people who make the screens and we are able to fit high quality components in all of our repairs.



Our Guarantee



iRepairIT uses Apple Certified Technicians to carry out repairs on Apple devices, including the iPhone 8 . There isn’t anyone else in Paisley or Glasgow who uses technicians who have been certified by Apple. We back that up with a 3-month or 12-month warranty on all iPhone 8 repairs.




GLASS / LCD / DISPLAY Smashed Glass / Touch not responding £35 60 Mins
BACK GLASS Back Glass replacement £35 24 Hrs
BACK GLASS WITH FRAME Rear housing with frame replacement £70 1-2 Days
POWER BUTTON Not Responding When Button Pressed £- 60 Mins
VOLUME / MUTE KEYS Volume Not Going Up or Down / Mute button Problem £- 60 Mins
DOCK CONNECTOR / MICROPHONE Not Charging / Doesn’t Sync £- 60 Mins
BATTERY Battery Not Holding Charge / Not Powering Up £- 60 Mins
SPEAKER / EARPIECE Caller Cant Hear You / Cant Hear Caller / Sound Problem £- 90 Mins
HOME BUTTON Home Button Not Responding (Button Press) £- 60 Mins
FRONT CAMERA No Display From Camera / Marks In lens £35 90 Mins
BACK CAMERA No Display From Camera / Marks In lens £55 90 Mins
CAMERA LENS Broken glass / Marks In lens £- 90 Mins
WATER DAMAGE CLEANING Cleaning Of The device’s Logic Board To Remove Residue & Potentially Fix Issues £- 24 Hrs



Please note if your device is waterproof or water resistance. Following repair, water resistance is not guaranteed & If you have a liquid damaged device, it is with regret that we cannot offer a warranty on any repairs carried out. Ask our representative for more details.35