iPhone X Repairs

iPhone X Screen Replacement & Other Repairs

iPhone x Screen Broken, or your camera is not working, we understand that you will want this repaired in no time, so you can go back to enjoying the amazing features the iPhone X has to offer. At iRepairIT, this is what we proivde. We offer an express turnaround with iPhone X screen replacements so the most you will be waiting for your iPhone X to be returned to you is around 30 minutes.

The iPhone X was a revolutionary design of technology, introducing Apple users with a 5.8″ all-screen retina display for the first time. It is the first iPhone to use an OLED screen, enhancing organic light, accurate colours, and maximum brightness to dazzle the eyes. The Face ID sensor is the most secure way to unlock and pay with the device. And with no home button, your face is now your passcode.

From iPhone X screen replacement to battery upgrades, we’ve got you covered. A small crack to the screen can be frustrating, especially as the entire screen now fills your hands. We use the highest quality of parts, with our screen repairs including both the LCD/digitizer and glass screen in one with a lifetime warranty provided. We also offer an on-the-spot diagnosis so if you are experiencing issues with your speakers not playing music to your camera not capturing great pictures as it should, come in and see our tech repair specialists so we can solve that problem for you.

Whichever your iPhone X repair needs are, get in touch with us and we’ll be able to help. To book an appointment, simply choose a date, time and an iRepairIT store in Johnstone Linwood.

PREMIUM LCD Smashed Glass / Touch not responding £80 60 Mins
STANDARD LCD Smashed Glass / Touch not responding £60 60 Mins
BACK GLASS Back Glass replacement £35 24 Hrs
BACK GLASS WITH FRAME Rear housing with frame replacement £80 24 Hrs
POWER BUTTON Not Responding When Button Pressed £40 60 Mins
VOLUME / MUTE KEYS Volume Not Going Up or Down / Mute button Problem £40 60 Mins
DOCK CONNECTOR Not Charging / Doesn’t Sync £40 60 Mins
SPEAKER / EARPIECE Caller Cant Hear You / Cant Hear Caller / Sound Problem £- 60 Mins
BATTERY Battery Not Holding Charge / Not Powering Up £40 60 Mins
REAR CAMERA No Display From Camera £- 60 Mins
REAR CAMERA LENS Broken glass / Marks In lens £20 60 Mins
WATER DAMAGE CLEANING Cleaning Of The device’s Logic Board To Remove Residue & Potentially Fix Issues £- 24 Hrs